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Campbell & Sons Catalogue of Woodwork, ca 1910

James Campbell & Sons Limited, affectionately known as "Old Everything" was an institution for Queensland builders from the 1870s and well into the second half of the 20th century. With a Head Office on Creek St and multiple sawmills, potteries, brickyards and timber plantations across the state the firm supplied house designs, materials, hardware and fittings for a vast number of homes in Brisbane and the regions.


This catalogue from about 1910 contains a range of pre-cut joinery including moulds, rails, palings, brackets, arches, barge boards, gates, fireplace mantels etc. It also includes several "ready to erect" house designs which pre-date the "readicut" range which launched in 1917. 


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I do not own the copyright to this publication. The document is published here solely to benefit local historical research and promote the conservation of our shared building heritage.

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