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1887 catalogue published by the Queensland Deposit Bank and Building Society, 1911 and 1914 collections of worker's cottage designs from an unknown publisher and a 1918 catalogue of ready-to-erect Newstead Homes by Brown and Broad Pty Ltd. 

Workers' Dwellings plans by the State Advances Corporation dated 1925 and 1928, a 1927 catalogue by the War Services Homes Commission and a collection of "Redicut" homes published by the builder's merchant Campbell & Sons.

State Advances Corporation Worker's Dwellings catalogues from 1935 and 1938, a 1935 collection by Brick Supplies Pty Ltd, a 1937 collection of Queensland Bungalows by the Brisbane architect Coutts and a 1939 publication by the Home Building Publishing Company.

Worker's Dwellings plans by the State Advances Corporation dated 1945, and its successor the Queensland Housing Commission dated 1950 and 1959.