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Hardware Catalogues

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This collection contains hardware catalogues, issued by manufacturers and retailers from 1860 to the 1930s with some later examples. Most of the publications are for builder’s hardware, but some general hardware catalogues with architectural fittings have been included to fill specific few time gaps.


Hardware in the 1800s and well into the 1900s was generally imported to Australia,  mainly from the UK and the American manufacturing heartlands. This was a large and dynamic industry, and with the exception of product lines by major manufacturers such as Stanley Works and and the Reading Hardware Company, it is unlikely that you will be able to identify the precise maker and model of a particular fitting. However - the designs from each era were broadly similar across different manufacturers.

If you are looking to date a particular design, beware that many producers continued the older product lines and designs for long periods of time. Make sure to look for the earliest occurrence of the design.

More catalogues will be added as they are uncovered. If you know of any publications missing from this collection, please let me know.

I do not own the copyright to these documents. The documents have been sourced from on-line repositories and are freely available in the public domain. They are published here solely to benefit local historical research and promote the conservation of our built heritage.

Catalogue years - click to access each section:

1860 - 1879

1880 - 1889

1890 - 1899

1900 - 1909

1910 - 1919

1920 - 1929

1930 - 1939

1940 and beyond

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