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Hardware Catalogues, 1890 - 1899

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Builder's Hardware Manual, US, 1890

This is not a catalogue of manufactured products, but a technical manual of the varieties, finishes and application of various types of builder's hardware as it was in 1890. A fantastic source, full of great illustrations. Table of contents on PDF page 11.

Gardiner, Sons & Co, UK, 1890

Catalogue of fittings common in Queensland houses of the late Victorian and early federation eras. You will recognise many of the products in this general hardware collection, which also includes lamps, mantelpieces etc. Index on PF page 10.

J. B. Shannon & Sons, US, 1894

Published by a hardware distributor, this catalogue contains products by several US manufacturers. Great illustrations, no index.

Reading Hardware Company, US, 1899

Another publication by the prominent Reading Hardware Company. Nearly 560 richly illustrated pages of every type of hardware conceivable used in a contemporary house. The Transom Lifters on page 557 are widespread in Brisbane. Index starts on PDF page 11.

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