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Hardware Catalogues, 1880 - 1889

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Chas A. Sterlinger & Co, US, 1880

300+ pages of Builder's hardware, beautifully illustrated. Latches, locks, letter boxes, knobs, hooks, flush bolts, sash lifts, castors etc. No index.

J. B. Shannon & Sons, US, 1883

Brief catalogue of builder's hardware. No index.

Reading Hardware Company, US, 1883

Philadelphia's Reading Hardware Company was a significant exported of builder's hardware to Australia, and we have come across many examples of their products in Queensland homes from the turn of the century. 300 richly illustrated pages, with index on PDF page 11

J. Jacob Shannon, US, 1888

300 pages of builder's hardware, with ornate fittings typical for the era. No index - enjoy the browse.

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